Akvarij-terarij, Maribor

The Maribor AQUARIUM-TERRARIUM is considered one of the most important institutions of this kind in the Southern and Central parts of Europe. The variety of animals exhibited as well as very professional work have built its reputation all over the world - it is recorded in the register of important European zoological gardens and aquariums and has been placed on the list of worldwide significant aquariums by the University of Waikiki in Hawaii.


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The Maribor Aquarrium is a miniature aquatic world and together with the Terrarium they showcase more than 170 different animal species from around the world. .



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Here you can find information about how to get here, when to visit us and how much your visit will cost.



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The gallery offeres a unique look into the lives of our animals. But to get a closer insight at them, you will have to visit us.


Why are we special

Akvarij-terarij is a unique institution in this part of Europe. It is world-renowned for the diversity of its animals and the professional work of its employees. It also belongs to the register of important European zoos and aquariums.

About us

Here you can find important and historical information about the aquarium and terrarium.


The Maribor Aquarrium is a miniature aquatic world. It features thirty-nine large aquaria representing river, lake and sea habitats from different parts of the world and housing as many as 120 different species of fish.

Among the main attractions are piranhas, South American freshwater predaceous fish with very sharp teeth which they use to attack and devour their prey with, as well as colourful and exotic tropical fish. They also contain exhibits from the Adriatic Sea.

The establishment has a tradition of 67 years.

It first opened its doors in the year 1953.

City park

Source: https://maribor-pohorje.si


The terrarium presents a more recent enrichment and, as such, it is a source of great pride for our institute. It exhibits over fifty different species of reptiles, amphibians and insects. Among other things you can:

  • observe with awe the most venomous snakes in the world, such as the sleek, but aggressive African mamba, the American rattle-snake with horny interlocking joints at the end of the tail that make a sharp rattling sound when shaken, the large African cobra;
  • see huge, but non-venomous snakes, among them a powerful python and a boa that asphyxiate their victims before swallowing them;
  • be fascinated by turtles crawling unconcernedly over the crocodiles, and amazed by iguanas displaying their serrated dorsal crests and erectile throat fans;
  • enjoy watching the Indonesian monitor lizard with a long head and neck, a thick tail and a deeply forked tongue and many other hard-to-believe creatures.

Different types

Aquarium-terrarium offers its visitors more than 120 different types of fish and 50 different types of reptiles, amphibians and insects.

It receives more than 50.000 visitors annually.

Over the course of 67 years, they have already had more than 3 million.
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The Aquarium-Terrarium is located at the edge of the 138-year-old prominent City Park, the planting of which started in 1871. Nowadays, there are more than 150 species of exuberant trees and shrubbery from all over the world. Most of the trees are marked with a plate stating the technical term, domestic name and homeland of the plant. The park is arranged in the so-called British style, which supplements the densely planted surfaces with grass turf and water areas in a very interesting manner.

The benches in the park imitate the late Biedermeier style; the little bridges over the brooks as well as the fences along the ponds are also the manifestation of the Central-European middle class art style of the first half of the 19th century. Interesting architectural elements are also presented by the music pavilion, the rose hill pavilion and the sculptures in a shape of forma viva.